And story writer. Nature inspire me.
Who am I?

Hello, I'm Ola Panek

Illustrator and story writer. I have been a graphic designer and illustrator since 2010. I’m also the author of educational books for children. I draw wherever I’m. I sketch on a piece of paper, napkin, sketchbook, or in graphic programs… depending on where I’m at the moment.

I have completed the second cycle of degree studies in the field of Journalism and Social Communication majoring in Advertising and Promotion; and the second field of study: Philosophy, specialization in Public Relations. I’m currently working as a Visual Communication Specialist.

I have always loved art, in various forms. My first memory when I was maybe 4 years old is a visit to an art store with my mother (she paints beautiful portraits). This world has enchanted me forever. That’s when I started drawing.
A weekend without visiting an exhibition in the Art Gallery or watching a good movie, reading a valuable book, or going to a concert or theater is a weekend wasted for me. I love to draw, write, travel, and inspire others to discover what really makes them happy. I hope that the Art Blog section will inspire you a bit…

Vector art designer

I design in Adobe Illustrator: illustration sets for children’s books and games, character designs, posters, icons, diagrams, logos.

Story writer

I write: children’s books, poems, essays, motivational texts and stories. I have some children’s books as sketches 🙂

Line art illustrator

Line art illustration: book illustration, illustrations in magazines and more.

My Art Projects

It’s impossible to fit all the projects here, that’s why I chose only a few. If you want to see more – let me know.

Illustrations to series „Pada, pada śnieg”

Series of books „Królik Fikołek”


the books I illustrated and 2 books are waiting for their premiere


posters I designed


graphics done. I don’t know how many, but I like this counter 😉

Art Blog

Slow down and have a magical time here…
My original quotes, latest projects, stories, thoughts, essays from philosophical studies, artistic photography, drawing, events worth seeing, inspirations, and much, much more.

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